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New Orleans Tower | Wilhelminapier Rotterdam

The New Orleans skyscraper at Wilheminapier is de tallest residential tower in the Netherlands at a height of 158 meters.

The tower was designed by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza and developed by Vesteda and has 45 floors of apartments and offices. On the ground floor is the film theatre Lantaren Venster, a theatre and a restaurant.

The main theme for the identity was the concept of light and how it moves and changes throughout the day. The shafts of light are represented by the coloured transparent shapes that carry through the whole identity. The colours change as the light streams through the unusual shaped windows of the tower, changing hue, shape and direction as each hour passes.

Playing with light is a major theme in the work of Álvaro Siza, “His shapes, molded by light, have a deceptive simplicity about them; they are honest."