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Guide to Change

In collaboration with 't Idee Communicatie | Mariska Vlot. Photography Duco de Vries. Illustrations Leendert Masselink.


Brand Identity Design Target Point and Guide to Change Bookazine


Brand Identity Design

Art Direction

Editorial design

Data visualisation

Digital design


't Idee Communicatie!



Leendert Masselink


Duco de Vries

'Doing what you love makes you good' is the motto of Change Consultants Target Point. They focus on co-creation, starting with connecting the 'business challenge' and the 'human agenda'. Whether it's coaching, team development, leadership, or cultural change, they center their approach around this connection.

The aim of this bookazine was to craft a comprehensive creative reference book for the company, intended for distribution to clients and their broader network. Serving as both a reference guide and an creative resource, it comprised a series of main themed chapters featuring interviews, infographics, and projects. Within these chapters, prominent figures in leadership were interviewed, sharing insights into their passions and sources of inspiration, whether it be a piece of artwork, a book, or another significant influence.