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The Level Up event is a one day event for the national and international startup community with the purpose of bringing startup and scaleup companies together to meet and network with entrepreneurs, accelerators and investors. Held in the Evoluon in Eindhoven each year.


Level Up Event


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We were tasked with the rebrand of the Level Up Event. The new identity gives the Level Up event design and communications a bold look and feel, positioning it as a major player in the field of startups and scaleups. The identity reflects the clients mission to champion and be a partner in this industries network, knowledge and growth.

We designed an bright and bold identity, starting with the ever changing, twisting morph shape that is playful and ever evolving, reflecting the dynamic of the startup and scaleup mentality and reality. The logo is a solid label which compliments this playful form in the identity where the different elements are layered over each other to give depth and variety and reflect the constant flux of the startup/scaleup community challenges.


This iconic building in Eindhoven, that is reminiscent of a spaceship, is a meeting place and conference center. Evoluon celebrates the world of technology, the creativity of design and innovation, and the ways in which humans and society are increasingly intertwined with technology.


The Brabant40 is a Brabant-wide prize to encourage innovative entrepreneurs and provide them with a larger stage. The best 40 startups in Brabant are chosen with the best three startups highlighted during the Brabant Startup event LEVEL UP. The best startup is chosen as the winner by an expert jury.

We designed the award and also all the relevant collateral for this project.

‘It is high time that we give enterprising luminaries a world stage. We do that with the Brabant 40’

Brigit van Dijk-van de Reijt (CEO BOM)