Atomo Design

FAIR magazine

Made for Mondiaal FNV promoting fair fashion. Sent as a special with Elle Magazine and &C Magazine this month (Dec 2020).


FAIR Magazine


Art Direction



Image editing


Mondiaal FNV +

Global Village Media

Magazine designed as a special for Elle Magazine and &C Magazine to inform and inspire the fashion audience about the world of fair fashion. FAIR is an initiative of Mondiaal FNV, an organisation that fights hard for better working conditions worldwide, including the clothing industry.

Publisher: Sander Bouten, Global Village Media.

Chief Editor: Sara Dubbeldam, When Sara Smiles

Covershoot: Photography – Anne Timmer, Model – Emanuelle Vos, Visagie – Alexandra Borcila, Location – LovelyLane.

FAIR is included as a special in the December issue of Elle Magazine NL